Caffeinated Composition #1: pledge to raw fish and productive introversion

Caffeinated Compositions: casual pieces written in the comfortable ambience of a coffee shop (except for this piece. Currently seated in Terminal 2 of SD Airport. Update– I procrastinated a lot and am now sitting in my dorm).

[Location: Copa Vida, La Jolla]

[Company: Phoebe, one of my closest friends]

I’ve never been a participant in the New Year’s Resolutions tradition. To me, it’s always been a bit worthless, a bit stupid because who remembers anything that happens in January by the time the middle of the year rolls around anyways? Not only that, but it seems like most peoples’ resolutions revolve around working out and eating healthier– and we all know how that plays out.

However, I have always been one to set goals, preferably in the form of lists. There have been some goals that have been floating around in my head since– well last year, technically– and if they have to be ceremonially labeled as New Year’s Resolutions, then so be it:

Goals/New Years Resolutions– Jan. 2017:

  1. Learn to embrace the (nauseating) texture of raw fish so I can experience the joys of eating poke bowls and spicy salmon rolls. As someone who is very texture sensitive when it comes to foods, I have never been able to fully swallow raw fish. Just thinking about that supple, slimy fish flesh in my mouth makes me shiver.
  2. Blog at least one a month, instead of once a year (but to be fair I don’t think this blog has even existed for a year?). In actuality I have more than enough time to blog, especially when I’m not in school. It’s just that the couch slug that inhabits a great portion of my body would rather melt into the couch in front of the TV instead of write.
  3. Take more beautiful pictures! Chicago really inspired me and I want to capture the scenic wonders and important people in my life in artistic fashion.
  4. Read the Bible…and write about it. It’s one thing to say I read the Bible, but if I’m honest with myself how much of the scripture actually ingrains itself into my consciousness through just reading? Judging by some of my lifestyles and language, not enough. (Never enough)

Four goals. Not a big number but my follow-through capacities as of late have been pretty terrible…first year of college has made me a ditzy young adult woman who doesn’t drown herself in her ambitions to succeed like she used to, and I kind of want to remedy that.

In fact:

Goal #5: Rediscover my ambitions and invigorate new passions.


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