Caffeinated Composition #1: pledge to raw fish and productive introversion

Caffeinated Compositions: casual pieces written in the comfortable ambience of a coffee shop (except for this piece. Currently seated in Terminal 2 of SD Airport. Update– I procrastinated a lot and am now sitting in my dorm). [Location: Copa Vida, La Jolla] [Company: Phoebe, one of my closest friends] I’ve never been a participant in […]

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The Morning After-Thoughts Vomit

Last night on campus at UC Davis, minutes after Associated Press declared Trump the projected winner of the 2016 Presidential election, students took to the streets of campus and Downtown protesting Trump’s victory and I joined them. Calls of anger and calls for justice resounded in the air as the crowd grew: “FUCK TRUMP!”, “No […]

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The Poetry of List-Making: “For this week’s challenge, explore the artistic side of list-making. Write a poem consisting of ten items that remind you of summer. Describe your first love in five bullet points. Map out your bucket list using words that describe how each experience would change you.” ** Despicable me, in the mirror where […]

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